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An alternative to abandonment and now Spirtual and  Legal action to protect animals and create First Animal Rights Bill

Rosy has been  adopted by a shelter worker. She took several months to overcome her fear after her family dropped her off at the shelter. She shook of fear for a long time and would have done better in a foster home. Please consider applying to be a foster care home for a shelter pet.


Rosy came to the Antigo Shelter a month and half ago. We don't know her true story, but we know she is very fearful of most evveryone, especially men. She came in shaking and hasn't stopped. She is so shy and needs lots of time to build trust. She is not improving as fast as she could if she were in a loving home. If you can help Rosy please call the Langlade County Humane Society in Antigo, WI at 715-627-4333.

Please don't breed or buy while shelter animals die


     CALL 715-627-4333 OR CHECK


Bo is in his new home in Elcho, WI and he got fixed 6-4-10

    Bono has lots of energy and learns quickly.No cats or small children.

Buck was sent to Rainbow Bridge this week when he bit a shelter worker again.

Buck has been at the humane shelter in Antigo since the first of the year and was doing great. He is young and healthy and UTD. When he came back from getting neutered he started getting aggressive, and his temperment is now questionable. The shelter workers want to move  him out of the shelter soon so he can get back to his good old self.

If you can help find a home, or foster care for Buck  call the workers at the Langlade County Humane Society in Antigo. We have volunteers to transport. The number is 715-627-4333 Thanks, Deb

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