Animal Rescue and Referral

An alternative to abandonment and now Legal action to protect animals and create First Animal Rights Bill

 THE HSUS    (Humane Society of The United States)


I would like to share with you some insight I have gained about how I have enhanced my spiritual / Christian journey.

I have been involved in improving animal welfare for the last 10 years and had my own rescue shelter in my back yard, along with being active in the local humane societies. More recently I have been studying scripture related to what God has said about man having dominion over animals. The media has revealed that industrial agribusiness operations, puppy mills, habitat loss, illegal wildlife trade, marine parks, circuses and other forms of domestic and wildlife animal used for entertainment, has become unethical and immoral.     I?ve learned that my daily decisions unintentionally have contributed to the devastating global warming and animal exploration. 

The HSUS has an Animal ministry program that emphasizes the importance of being good stewards of God?s creation. The guide provides ideas for church activities, involving pets, wildlife, and farm animals.     An Animal Ministry is appropriate for theological consideration as it addresses human?s responsibilities towards animals in making the world a more compassionate place for all God?s creatures, and is consistent with the faith we live out in the rest of our lives. For official statements about animal ministry from major denominations, visit 

 I'm presenting a peaceful meeting to heighten awareness of how we can make more daily, ethical choices that reflect our faith, and contribute to the preservation of the world God created. There are several  HSUS Ministry guides, such as The Humane Backyard", that teaches others about how they can make their backyard more friendly to wildlife thru the different seasons, such as  putting up bird feeders or planting native plants, along with how to live in harmony with the wild animals in their neighborhoods.  


For those interested in learning more about the HSUS Animal Ministry, and to help participate in this and future Animal Ministry Events,     I can be reached anytime at 920-379-0782.

Always, for the animals,

Debra E MacDonald

Location: North Fort Myers, FL


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