Animal Rescue and Referral

An alternative to abandonment and now Spirtual and  Legal action to protect animals and create First Animal Rights Bill

Allies for the Hmane Society of the United States

I am adding people to my list of Humane Society of the United States Allies.  This is to demonstrate all of the people in the community who support our work, and we would update you over email, about once a moth. We would only update you on the issues you specifically tell us you are interested in hearing about. For example, if you're interested in our work with the faith community we send out resolutions that come out from denomination leaders, or sometimes there's man event going on locally in your community. This really is important to me because we need to be able to biuild our network of people who support animal protection and to demonstrate the support we have from the community.

Can I add you as an Ally?

Other things to know:

People can opt out being an Ally at any time.

we won't share your information with any other groups.

Please call or text  me at 920-379-0782 with the following info: Full Name , City, Zip, Email, what type of action you are interested in taking: outreach tabling,events, letter writing, Participating in legislative process/Advocacy, training / teaching, Special Events planning, Public speaking/ Video presentation, phone banking.

AND what you want to be contacted about such as  Humane farming, Horse/Equine protection, Animal rescue team, Faith and animals, puppy mills, animal care centers, pet protection, wildlife protection,testing on animals, ending factory farming,

Always, for the animals,

Deb MacDonald 



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