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     After  a peaceful protest in front of the

neighbor's house this morning, they did not

 show up in court and the charges were dropped!

The woman came outside and shouted some

comments to us, but we remained quiet and peaceful.


Progression of events that took place:              Shawano Sheriff Let Tigerton Horse Lay In Pool Of Blood -Until HSUS Madison, gets involved!
Now they charge me with tresspassing!

 Here are the emails contributing to the animal neglect in Shawano County on River Road. The pictures and video are on Freedom Paws United and Debra Potschaider's Facebook page walls. Please read below! If you have any questions Please contact [email protected]  or [email protected]


 UPDATE 2-24-2010: Whats Next?... Deb got 2 citations for tresspassing and has a court date for April 5th at 8:30am in Shawano County. The fines are for $249.oo each and she was informed if she goes back on to their land she will be arrested. There is still two severly matted dogs on this property. 

The story/emails below!.... 


 1st e-mail Deb sent out 2/15/2020  at about noon to all my e-mail contacts "There has been a large mare horse "down" at Paul & Cindy Hurlburt on N6003 River Rd in Tigerton, WI. The caretaker was in jail for an OWI and there is no way of knowing how long this horse has been down. (There was a vet there on Saturday Feb 13th, which the Shawano Sheriff want to use to justify that the horse was under a vet's care, but the vet was there only to give the horses coggins, and the caretaker even said he didn't see if the horse was down on that day, so vet care could not have been given to this horse prior.)  I watched as strangers I've never seen before on the property struggled to get her up Sunday morning without success. As a concerned neighbor I called the Shawano county sheffif. The deputy that was sent, obviously didn't know what to do. He was told to investgage inside the house where there are also small designer dogs are kept caged, and there is dog feces and urine from one end of the house to another. When asked he did not report this or take pictures as the dispatcher had asked him to do that I know of. We listened to the conversation via our police radio.
> > The sheriff left the area around 1:30pm Sunday with the plan the caretakers would call a vet later, if the horse still hadn't gotten up.

It started to snow so I went over to be of assistance, as the horse had no shelter from the elements and lay on frozen ground.
> > I was shocked no one was around or answered the door. I went out to check on the horse. She was in obvious distress. I took video with my cell phone as I couldn't believe the police and caretakers left her there like that.  (see picture above) She was bloody from trashing around trying to get up and her face and mouth was bloody from trying to chew ice off the frozen ground for moisture. I took out a water bottle from my car and filled it from the water trough, which for once was not frozen,( as it has been in the last several months - which I had reported, and have pictures which I have turned over to Shawano County deputy Finger (also known as a humane  officer I spent hours laying out there with her, using my own blanket to cover her, trying to help her quench her thirst. She could not lift her head to take a decent drink, so most of the water ran out her mouth. I pushed more hay under her bloody head so she would not have to lay it back in the cold water. I even tried to get the vet to come out but the law says he can't until the owner calls him,  she is wintering in Arizona again, with her husband.
> > The caretaker must have gotten bailed out of jail and showed up with his dad around 4pm. I identified myself as an animal rescue volunteer, as they would not know me as a neighbor. They helped me give her more water which she continued to drink. They never said anything about my leaving the property.
> > I insisted they cal the vet, but they still wanted to wait to see if she'd get up! I insisted they call before it gets dark. I pointed out the blood spots that had come from her vagina and that was laying on the snow and mud, and that was on her face and legs. They thought she might be pregnant and miscarried, then couldn't get up.
> > I offered to pay the vet, and the caretaker agreed to call the owner to get her permission to call the vet.  I gave him my cell phone to call Cindy Hurlburt which he did. The vet came out and we attempted to get her up after the vet  injected her with something, but she was not able to get all the way up and eventually fell on the other side. We were able to get more water into her with holding her head up. 

She was sitting up but hanging her head. We were able to see more bloody parts where her skin had been ripped off from laying on the frozen ground. ( See pictures of this also)

> > She seemed like she may get better. The vet said to see what she does overnight, and if she isn't up  in the morning have her shot or call him to put her down. 

 I  went home to get a few blankets to cover her as there is no shelter for her to get to. While home Cindy Hurlburt called on my cell phone asking for the caretaker. I identified myself as her neighbor, Debra Potschaider and told her I was helping them care for her horse that was down. I told her what the vet said and that I was going back over there to put blankets on the horse, and would have the caretaker call her back. SHE NEVER SAID NOT TO GO BACK OVER OR STAY OFF THE PROPRERTY! 

  I went back over and layed a blanket over the horse and told the caretaker he was to call Cindy. The vet was leaving. No one said anything about my leaving the property.
> > I went back a few hours later about 8pm. No one answered the door after several knocks. I went to check on her. She had fallen over onto the other side and was no longer covered up. She was laying flat down again and shivering, trying to get ice in her mouth. I covered her with a fresh blanket, stroked her neck and prayed for her.
> >Remembewring what the vet said about having her put down if she still wasn't up in the morning and was still suffering, I stopped over to the house on my way to work. There were no cars in the driveway, and no one anwered my numerous knocks on the door, so I went back out to check on her. She was in the same position, only now more blood all over her and a pool of blood under her. She was breathing hard, shrivering, kicking her legs out a bit. No interest in food or water now. Hopelessness in her eyes. I was beyond myself with dispair having watched this horse suffer all day yesterday, not knowing how many days and nights she lay out there before) knowing she suffered all night long on the cold frozen ground alone. I felt I had done everything I could think of within the law and could not believe that the police and caretakers were leaving her there to suffer and die! I became enraged and felt I had to get pictures of this injustice to  this horse and the other animals were being treated here for years and even as one lays dying no one was helping the injustice to stop!  I layed a 3rd blanket over her and tucked it in. Tried to calm her. Took more pictures of her laying in the pool of blood. Checked on the dogs kept outside, 2 severally matted and dirty. Threw more straw in the beds. I took pictures of the outside dogs and of the 3 white ones peeking out from the filthy feces covered house,( that the officer would't take pictures of the day before as asked by the dispatcher..)

  (These dogs and the puppies are for sale now on Kijiji.co
> > At 9:30am a man came out wrapped only in a blanket and for the first time, politely asked me to leave the property, which I did. I got into my car and parked on the road and promptly called the Shawano country sheffif Dept and requested Deputy Finger. They couldn't get a hold of her so I left the story with the dispatch at 10am Feb 15th. I had to get to work in Antigo where I am employed as a Alcohol and Substance abuse counselor.

> > As far as I know the horse still lays there suffering, when the vet clearly said the horse was to be put down if still couldn't get up in the morning.  I had to get to work.
> > I plan to upload the pictues and video to You Tube as soon as I get home or contact the media. Any susgestions?

> > Deb
> > Animal Rescue and referral  




 3/18/2010 Update: I have since been told directly from Deputy Finger, that the owner did give premission for the officer to shoot the horse that morning, and HE REFUSED !!!!! )


> > I just called Shawano County sheriff, they said a vet is heading back out there and should arrive in 15 minutes. Can you please confirm they arrive? Thanks!


OMG! I can't believe she is still laying out there.>
> My cell phone just went dead. I won't be home until dark after 7pm. My husband called and the police were at my house this morning and said the owner is pressing trespassing charges against me. I can deal with that. No one ever asked me to get off until this morning which I did. I have lots of pictures and videos to press charges against these people for neglect.
> Their Vet's number is 715-823-8387. We Care Clinic. That's the same one that was there last night. I called Yvone and left a message. Thanks for your help.
> I have appointments to 5:30pm now, then off work.
> Deb


Hi Deb,
> I just called the vet’s office. They of course could not tell me what happened but they did confirm that the vet just left the property and “did some work there”. My guess is that the animal was euthanized but I don’t know for sure. I am glad that a vet was there recently. Thanks for all you did to help this horse.
> Best wishes,
> Alyson


 Could you contact the Shawano county Humane Officer Deputy Finger? She has been kind of involved with this situation all winter. i did try and contact her this morning to update her and she was involved in the dispatch call yesterday when they sent the "blind" cop to see what was going on and to inspect inside the house.
> Thank you for your quick response.

> Deb

 Hi Deb, The horse was euthanized at 330 today. I talked to Deputy Finger who is going back to check on the other animals. I'm glad the horse is no longer suffering. What a sad situation.


Thank you so much for getting involved. I'm sure without your help she would have still been laying there suffering.
My husband has questioned how the other horses on the right side are getting fed, as the tractor hasn't worked since before Christmas and the caretaker said he uses the hay by where the mare was to feed them. How does he do that for 6 other horses. We don't see any bales on that side.
Thanks again and see you on the 25th.
Do you know what the issues are yet?



Hi Deb,
Deputy Finger said there was a fresh bale of hay for the horses and that she will be back on the property to do body score tests on the remaining horses. Do you have any thoughts on how the horse euthanized today became injured and downed in the first place? Not sure if you witnessed anything happen causing injury to the horse or just found it that way.
As for Humane Lobby Day, we have not finalized the bills but they WILL be focusing on companion animals issues.
See you soon,


No I didn't see anything except blood from her privates, which I suspect she may have miscarried and then couldn't get up. Doesn't the Vet have any idea? 
I was also informed the matted dogs is a cause for neglect. Those dogs have been like that forever. I sent Deputy Finger pictures last Fall after I called the first time this year. She didn't do anything about it. The owners have reduced the number of dogs outside to 4, 2 Dauchaunds and the 2 severly matted Shitzu type.
I will send you all the pictures I sent to Deputy Finger, that  I took from the Fall.
The owners are charging me with trespassing. Any ideas how to respond?


 (These horses and dogs are for sale on Kijiji.com now)





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