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Animal Rescue and Referral

An alternative to abandonment and now Spirtual and  Legal action to protect animals and create First Animal Rights Bill

DNR Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic - vote for wildlife

Patrica Randolph of Portage is a longtime activist for wildlife.

Contact her at [email protected] and check her website www.wiwildlifeetic.org 

Vote for wildlife at your yearly at the DNR Spring Fish and Wildlife Conservation Congress county meeting held in every county statewide, on Monday April (to be announced)

Typically the only citizens that attend these voting meetings are hunters and fishermen, and their children (who are also able to vote)

It is only one evening of the whole year that you can have such a POWERFUL voice for the animals, and it is very simple process.  

There is NO VOICE for the animals! Please plan to begin attending these yearly meetings and run for a seat on the board, so that we have power for the animals instead of just for the hunters and TAKE YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS AND YOUR CHILDREN AND THEIR CHILDREN

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