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Animal Rescue and Referral

An alternative to abandonment and now Spirtual and  Legal action to protect animals and create First Animal Rights Bill

 Here's a past event I would lead every Fall.  I would ask for donations of straw, eletric water bowls, and more good doghouses. 



      Please note the phone number is now




Write a letter, make a phone call, or send an e-mail and you can save an amimal's life, by lobbying for animals.

Go to the Legal Animal Welfare Issues page to see what you can to help from your home!

Free Animals In Labs

We've got everything that you need to get active and speak up for animals who are used in experiments! We're offering free leaflets and stickers to compassionate people who want to get involved and make a difference for animals. All you have to do is tell everyone you know that animal testing breaks hearts

Share with others that rabbits, rats, cats, ducks, dogs, frogs, and primates are just a few of the kinds of animals who are used to test everything from mercury to hair spray. Fortunately for animals in laboratories, there are people who care—kindhearted individuals like you, who choose to live a cruelty-free lifestyle.

Sign up to receive your free "Animal Testing Breaks Hearts" pack now!

Thank you for giving a voice to the millions of animals who suffer in labs.

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