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Animal Rescue and Referral

An alternative to abandonment and now Spirtual and  Legal action to protect animals and create First Animal Rights Bill

The first step to end animal abuse is to spay and neuter your animals and pets. Although there are an estimated 100 million cats and dogs kept by responsible and caring people in the United States, there is also a tragic number of these animals who suffer horrid cruelties associated with abandonment.

Pounds and shelters in the U.S. kill about 5 million such abandoned pets each year. And uncounted millions more suffer sickness, exposure, starvation and death on the streets of the nation’s cities and towns, and in the fields and forests.                                                                              <


 "SPAY ME" Spays and neuters cats and dogs for, between $40 to $ 60.00. They only provide this through area shelters once a month.    For more information, contact Langlade County Humane Society at 715-627-4333.

 FixaPet Low-cost Spay/Neuter Surgery available in central Wisconsin http://www.fixapet.org/ Neillsville, WI Clark County Humane Society.  No income limit or other limitations.                    Call 715-743-4550 Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat. Noon to 3pm to schedule your appointment.           Cat neuter $45.00 Cat spay $45.00 Dog Neuter $55.00 Dog Spay $75.00

Happily Ever After After Animal Sancutary in Marion WI has a reduced S&N Program for indoor cats and dogs. You can apply for their program and get on the waitiing list or request a voucher, along with your payment of $40.00 per male cat, $60.00 per female cat, $60 per male dog, $80.00 per female dog, made out to the Happily Ever After Animal Sanctuary. Contact them at (920)639-2654 for address and directions. http://www.happilyeverafter.org/. You will need to make an appointment to transfer your pet, or pets to the Animal House vet in Green Bay, WI for the procedures, but you may return for your pet after only a few hours.

Cats Anonymous in Green Bay has a wonderful TNR program.TNR stands for Trap, Neuter and Return. However this program is only offered to caretakers of colonies of cats that live outside, such as a farm, or neighbor hood. Anyone can apply for the program and get on the waiting list by completing the application on the website. http://www.catsanonymous.com/  There is no number of how many cats you bring in and no charge, however a donation of   $50.00 per cat  is greatly appreciated, or any donation. You may also sign up to volunteer or learn how to get a program in your area. Contact Vicky at 920-321-1967, 920-619-1266, or 920-863-8709.

Friends Of Animals  From its beginning in 1957, FoA has assumed a leadership role in advocating low-cost spaying and altering as the most effective means of preventing the births of dogs and cats, and their subsequent abandonment, suffering and mass killing. For more than five decades, we have operated the only nationwide breeding control program in the United States facilitating more than 2.5 million spay/neuter procedures.  Pet owners may purchase a certificate from Friends of Animals that can be used for a routine spay or neuter surgery at any of FoA’s participating veterinary hospitals. Spaying and Neutering Certificates may be purchased on-line. Or to order by mail call 1-800-321-PETS (1-800-321-7387) and request an application. The recommended age for spay/neutering is 2-6 months of age.  Female animals should be spayed before their first heat (estrus cycle). They do not need to have a litter before spaying. FoA certificates are not valid for a cat if the cat is to be declawed.  Cats need their claws for protection and for their physical and mental well-being. Declawing is painful, cruel and psychologically damaging.The prices for our low-cost certificates are:  Female Cat $65.00 Male Cat $51.00 Female Dog $90.00  Male Dog $64.00


Arcadia, Sarasota, Ruskin, Brandon                                                                                                Animal Rescue Coalition, 1408 State St,, Sarasota, FL 34236 www.arcsarasota.org                    e-mail: [email protected]  Toll free 888-680-7387      941-957-1955                    low cost 941-358-6204. There are several low cost spay and neuter clinics for dogs and cats throughout the county. Call or go to the website to apply for services.



Low cost S&N for low income owners in Antigo,WI           Also TNR (Trap Neuter Return) for  Free-roaming (Feral) cats  

 This program helped reduce the number of dogs and cats the humane society had to take in.  Please join the Langlade County Humane Society for as little as $10 a year, and attend the monthly board meetings.



1st Antigo Spay & Neuter Day AAAA March 6th, 2011

AAAA  ( Antigo Area Advocates for Animals)

Newly formed group in Antigo has developed a low cost spay and neuter program, for low income, and created a way to reduce the overpopulation of feral cats in the city.  

     Go to http://www.antigo2010.weebly.com/   for more pictures and history.

 This program is no longer active.

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