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Animal Rescue and Referral

An alternative to abandonment and now Spirtual and  Legal action to protect animals and create First Animal Rights Bill



     Always For The Animals


                   To adopt your next pet at www.langladecountyhumanesociety.org

                          http://www.petfinder.com/. or just come visit the shelter. 

"The kindness one does for an animal may not change the world, but it will change the world for that one animal." Unknown 

SEASONAL SAFETY GUIDELINES: Summer / Winter /Fall / Spring/ Holidays


WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU SUSPECT ANIMAL ABUSE OR NEGLECT: See the website www.wisconsinpuppymillproject.org ? "Learn how to report animal abuse."

Contact your local police dept, in person if possible, and let them decide. Leave your name and number so they can get back to you, so you can follow through. 

See a outdoor dog that needs help? Contact "Dogs Deserve Better" www.dogddeservebetter.com or Contact "Outdoor Dogs Deserve Better" www.animalrescueandreferral.webs.com

Go green for outdoor dogs!  you can recycle your wooden dog house for a dog that needs better. Call Rescue and Referral 920-379-0782 for delivery or pickup.

What to do if you lost your pet: go to shelter, contact Lost dogs of Wisconsin on Facebook, make up posters with your pet?s picture and distribute them at the vet clinics with in the first 3 days. If your pet is micro chipped, go to www.petmicrochiplookup.org

What to do to protect your pet from getting loss: Always have an ID tag on your pet. Get your pet micro chipped (add cost and address) along with register their number with www.homeagain.com


Animal League Defense Fund www.ADLF.org. or check them out on Face Book

Wisconsin Puppy Mill Project.org Learn about the new WI dog license and how to report animal abuse.

Wisconsin Voters For Companion Animals (face book and website)

Some States making it against the law to declaw cats: Alternatives to declawing


Update: Wausau changes animal ordinance to increase 2 dog /3 cat limit per owner.


EDUCATIONAL: For free webinars check out www.petfindermembers.com

View video on how Ryan Clinton is Reforming Animal Control to create a "No Kill Nation"



DEALING WITH THE LOSS OF YOUR PET: www.rainbowbridge.com and www.petloss.com

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